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Architect: Marge Arkitekter

The project consists of the 70 apartments arranged over 2 floors and across 4 wings branching off from a central communal atrium.

The K-LAB team were appointed as lead consultant on the project, managing all other technical consultants through the design phase.

The vision for the project is for a timber building, constructed mainly from prefabricated modules and assembled on site.

Working closely with the architectural team from the outset, the 

K-LAB engineers were able to take the architectural layout and devise a modular system taking into account factors such as structural strength of CLT timber, installation services and transport of the modules from factory to site.

The K-LAB team have worked closely with the architect and services engineers to create an efficient and sustainable solution.

The team also provided advice on the embodied carbon content of the proposed structure as well as sustainable alternatives with regard to the building’s foundations.

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