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Design of additional gymnasium

Sannaskolan is an existing school in Gothenburg originally built in the 1940s.


Our scope was the design of a new gymnasium in glulam timber as well as the reconstruction of several other school buildings for new use. 


Elderly retirement home in timber

The vision for the project is for a timber building, constructed mainly from prefabricated modules and assembled on site.

The K-LAB team were appointed as lead consultant on the project, managing all other technical consultants through the design phase.


Design competition

A new commercial health precinct in the heart of Hagastaden built over the top of the existing E4 and E20 tunnels.

K-lab worked closely with the architect to understand their vision and designed different structural schemes to improve user experience and reduce embodied carbon in the construction.


Third Party Review

In this architecturally unique existing gasworks building the aim is to build a theater.


As a structural specialist, K-LAB's review delved into general design principles, construction methods and coordination between the structural elements and specialist services, such as the theatre consultant.


Design Management

New Karolinska Solna is a large extension of 330 000 sq.m to an existing primary healthcare complex which was funded via a public-private-partnership.

New Karolinska Solna was an intense project due to the multiple stakeholders, where Graham's primary role was as assignment coordinator. 


Review of existing structure

Two new apartment buildings linked by a double storey basement garage. The building achieve Miljöbyggnad Silver.

K-lab undertook the design and documentation of the building to bygghandling and reviewed all prefabricated documentation.


Investigation of existing structure

Prior to a reconstruction of the roof including the installing of solar panels, we carried our a investigation of the existing structure. Among other things this included radar scanning of the roof to analyze the reinforcement.


Design of  new barrel roof 

Starting of as an investigation of the current roof, the project led to a redesign of the current roof. The project included multiple optioneering studies and multiple investigations. 


Renovation into office building

Office fitout project with a focus on material reuse and environmentally friendly design


K-Lab undertook the design of new stairs, the design of large floor void infills and the design of raised floor. All new elements were designed to minimise cost and utilised environmentally friendly materials where possible.


Temporary works for Centralbron

Getingmidjan is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Stockholm. It consists of the replacement and renovation of the train tracks from Slussen to the central station.

K-Lab designed temporary structures and caissons for the existing columns on both Söderström and Nordström. 


Third party review

A large site in Nacka with 12 apartment buildings, all interlinked by a four storey carpark. The site is located on stepped rock levels with large retaining walls extending up to 20m high.

We undertook the review of systemhandling focusing on finding cost savings and time savings in construction.


Third party review and construction planning

Solna Entré will house the new JM head office. It consists of a two-storey basement with six stories above. The superstructure contains long steel trusses and heavy facade cladding elements. 


We conducted an independent review of the construction document for the entire building and advised the customer on potential cost and time savings.


Design of ancillary airport structures

The expansion of Arlanda Airport's Terminal 5 will allow an extra 100,000 travelers to enter Sweden every week.


Graham, Karl and Paul all worked on this project and took the design from concept all the way through to construction


Construction Management

The vision of this new building was to redefine the museum for the twenty first century, integrating learning, display and social functions. The new extension of the Tate Modern now facilitates up to 5 million visitors a year.


Facade design and Third Party Review

Environmentally classed house with 49 apartments.


As a construction specialist, K-Lab carried out a complete assessment of the entire building's design, and delivered design documents for landscaping, the facade and terraces. Present on site for 6 months and checked all parts of the building before final inspection.


Third party review

Two new apartment buildings with a combined basement garage located on Kungsholmen.

Undertook the review of Bygghandling documents. The review focused on finding cost savings and time savings in construction, and also checked the design of critical structural elements


New atrium roof

For this church K-lab designed and documented a new roof over the existing courtyard. This was a part of a larger renovation of the church. 


Analysis of lightweight modular structure

We worked with the danish architectural studio GXN to develop a prototype for desalination of water. The final product is thought to be modular and to be sent to areas in the world where lack of clean water is a problem.  

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