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    Analysis, design and documentation

    We leverage our diverse skills and strong knowledge of the construction industry to ensure designs are realistic, cost-effective and functional. We understand that we are only a small cog in the overall creation of a building and so our design approach focuses on big picture thinking in order to achieve the best results for our clients, not just the best structural outcomes.

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    Generating useful models

    We enjoy utilising new technologies to create better and more sustainable products for our clients. Through BIM coordination, we ensure that all engineering and architectural input is coordinated, allowing us to create an end of design model that can be used for ongoing facility maintenance of the buildings we design.

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    Cost efficient and time saving

    Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can find different, more efficient design solutions. With over 80 years of collective experience in structural engineering, we provide peace of mind for our clients wishing to have their projects reviewed.

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    Optimizing design process

    With a strong construction background both in the design office  and on site, K-LAB offers design project management services specializing in the design process. We work closely with the client, architects, other technical disciplines and contractors to push seamless coordination at all stages of the construction process. We at K-LAB provide proactive problem solving skills throughout the project lifetime.

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